A Well-Defined Metal Fabrication Project Process

Step 1: Design & Modeling Steps

Using Solid modeling software, Ram’s Programming department creates prints for fabricators and programs for CNC machines.

Step 2: Cutting & Punching Layouts

CNC lasers and punches begin the manufacturing process by cutting or punching intricate patterns into flat layouts.

Step 3: The Forming Process

The forming process is performed in our pressbrakes and rolls by experienced mechanics, allowing our products to hold tight tolerances in large and small units alike.

Step 4: Fabrication

Highly skilled fabricators piece together components to meet both dimensional and aesthetic requirements that meet customer expectations.

Step 5: Inspection

Our team of inspectors ensures that all specifications have been met and that the customer will be satisfied with the quality of Ram’s product.

Step 6: Completed Unit

With fabrication and inspection complete, the unit is now ready for delivery.