Complete Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our precision sheet metal services include laser cutting, high speed punching, bending, hardware insertion, machining, welding and various finishing services.  Over the years Ram’s experienced team of fabricators has built custom cabinets and enclosures to tanks and containers in materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum for a variety of industries.

Complete Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Hi-Tech

In addition to excellence in the more traditional precision sheet metal processes, Ram utilizes the latest technologies to design, plan and monitor each product we manufacture. This includes Computer Numerically Controlled machines capable of working to exacting specifications.

Flexible Manufacturing Services

Ram Specialty can work with stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, galvanneal, brass, bronze, copper and various steels up to 1” thick with tolerances up to +/- .0002.  Our production volume capabilities range from single unit prototyping to high volume runs.

Complete Manufacturing Solutions

We pride ourselves on the complete end-to-end solutions that we provide our clients. This includes offering everything from designing to rapid prototyping, process development to production, assembly to inspection and inventory/supply chain management to logistics.

Whatever your precision sheet metal needs, we have the skills, technology and experience to fabricate quality products.
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