Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Ram Specialty craftsmen utilize heavy-duty cutting, bending, forming and finishing equipment to create a wide range of custom fabricated products. Thanks to our innovative processes and dedicated problem-solving approach, we are able to fabricate complex structures and parts that meet the most stringent specifications and standards.

Whether your project requires structural or sheet metal, stainless or carbon steel, copper or aluminum, our team has the capabilities and experience to design and deliver efficient, cost-effective custom fabrication services.  

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Our Custom Fabrication Process

All of our custom metal fabrication projects contain 3 primary phases or processes: cutting, forming and assembling. First, our craftsmen utilize notches, punches, shears, saws and laser/plasma cutters to properly and precisely cut and shape the raw materials. Once the metals are sized, we use heavy-duty press brakes and rolling machines to form each piece to the desired shape. Finally, with the materials cut and formed, we weld, join and assemble the individual parts into a completed product.

Our Custom Fabrication Pricing

Ram’s knowledgeable technical sales team can work with you to get the best market prices. Through our experience and expertise, we can work cost reductions into your designs and our processes.

The Unique Benefit of Custom Fabrication

Whether utilized functionally or created for aesthetic form, each one of our custom fabricated products serve as a testament to the longstanding history of handcrafted metalwork. Unlike companies that pump out thousands of pieces through automated production lines, each Ram Specialty product is one-of-a-kind, carefully and thoughtfully customized to meet the needs of each and every customer. Thanks to the hands-on approach required by custom fabrication, we are able to seamlessly combine both traditional and cutting-edge machines, using technology to deliver the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Whatever the application, stage or quantities required, Ram Specialty is equipped and ready to provide you with a clear, competitive bids on the design and manufacturing of your next custom fabrication product.

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